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Commander Larry Kryske

Who is Larry Kryske?

Larry Kryske is a proven leader who speaks professionally. Larry has over 30 years of worldwide success leading men and women and building unstoppable teams. He's the author of three popular leadership books. He also understands:

  • the unique challenges of achieving extraordinary results
  • how to accomplish more with less
  • motivating people during difficult times
  • turning adversity into advantage
I work with people who want to be better leaders and
with leaders who want to achieve awesome results.
Peter Lapp, Vice President & General Manager, Rolls-Royce Naval Marine, said, "My managers, supervisors, leadmen, and production workers have all been very enthusiastic about your leadership, teamwork, and productivity programs that were dynamic, timely, content-filled, and entertaining. You helped my people to see things from a new perspective that makes them even more valuable to Rolls-Royce."
The Leadership Challenge is:
  • To achieve desired strategic and tactical outcomes.
  • To tap into the talents, creativity, and energies of every person in the organization.
  • To foster trust, cooperation, and accountability in a time of broadening diversity.
  • To develop practical and executable strategies to create an environment in which your people lead boldly and with integrity.
Larry’s Approach for Developing Victorious Leaders
  • Gives organizations the tools to help their people to discover their leadership strengths.
  • Develops strategies to capitalize on these strengths.
  • Ensures that the learning is practical, timely, inspiring, and fun.
  • Reinforces the learning to ensure people internalize the technology and thereby achieve lasting results.
Leadership Retreats
Applied Churchill
John-Edward Alley, Partner, Ford & Harrison, LLP, said, "I most highly recommend Larry to clients and others who are looking for a powerful motivational speaker. He speaks about creating your finest hour, derived from his extensive study of the life and leadership of Winston Churchill. Larry has distilled Churchill's greatness into a strategy for success that applies to people today. Larry shares this wisdom while also completing a large oil painting. I have thoroughly enjoyed his presentations each time that I heard them even though I know what is coming. Larry is inspiring, challenging, and engaging."

Larry’s programs are designed to help his clients experience a richer, fuller, more productive life, both professionally and personally. What this means is that many of his clients have realized:

  • Increased success
  • More confidence
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Increased enthusiasm
  • More motivation
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Greater focus
  • More resilience
  • Better discernment
  • Increased growth
  • More fulfillment
  • Enhanced significance
  • Better quality of life
  • More victories
Larry Kryske

The general outcomes above are derived from mastery of the leadership, teamwork, and productivity principles covered in Larry's programs. Additionally,clients will attain:

  • Greater understanding of leadership
  • Increased teamwork
  • More effective communications
  • Better management of time
  • More productivity under pressure
  • Closer business relationships
  • More innovative problem solving
  • Bolder decision making
  • More significant results

Bottom Line Outcomes


Ben Boerner, CAE, Executive Director, Texas Grain & Feed Association, said, “Larry, you gave a thought-provoking presentation at our 2002 convention on the leadership of Winston Churchill; I still remember the three points -- Vision, Courage, Determination -- a lesson more valuable today for us in this business! I recommend your work highly. I have the painting you did in my office to remind me that most canyons in life really are just cracks in the pavement with the right perspective.”
Winston Churchill

Most people remember Winston Churchill as the Prime Minister of Great Britain. During the dark days of World War II, his bold, dynamic leadership saved the free world from disaster. Today his strategy for success can transform the lives of the people in your organization.

Greatest Leader of 20th Century

The Churchill Factors:
Vision, Courage, and Determination

Embedded in the Churchill Factors are several other critical leadership skills that need to be mastered. Larry's leadership programs address these elements and provide technology to help install the new learning.

Risk Taking
Problem Solving
Being Proactive
Open Minded
Decision Making
Action Oriented
Adding Value
Detail Oriented
Big Picture
Involving Others

Achieving Awesome Results

  • Engaging the innovative strengths of your entire team.
  • Synergizing the 12 elements of vision to create an incredible future.
  • Cultivating the 12 elements of courage to think, speak, and act boldly.
  • Conquering procrastination.
  • Focusing the 12 elements of determination into a unified strategy.
  • Developing an enduring relatedness among team members that is critical for quantum level improvements.
Warren Hebert, RN, CHCE, CAE, Executive Director, HomeCare Association of Louisiana, said, "We had an extraordinary speaker at our annual meeting. Larry Kryske has studied Winston Churchill for 35 years and is an artist. I was looking for something different in a keynote with 9/11 still fresh on everyone's mind. Larry's CREATING YOUR FINEST HOUR involves an hour-long presentation about applying Winston Churchill's leadership style and formula for success. While speaking, Larry completes an oil painting to literally help illustrate his key points. Churchill led Great Britain through its most trying time, and Larry shows how Churchill's leadership approach can be applied in our organizations today. Larry got rave reviews from the attendees, and the association got an oil painting to raffle off."
American Flag
So What? Then What?

Winston Churchill recognized the importance of taking action. During the Second World War, he placed small red labels with the words "Action This Day" on the instructions and decision papers he sent to his staff. This helped create a sense of urgency that what the staff was doing was vitally important to the war effort. We, too, must have a sense of urgency. Each day we must take some actions toward our dreams if we are to create our finest hour.


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