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Building Courage


Cat Bravery

What Does a Lack of Courage
Cost Your Organization?


It robs your salespeople of their productivity and your business of its profitability. Salespeople lack courage because of fear. The fear of making cold calls, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of making a sales presentation, fear of asking for the sale, etc. And when it’s not fear, then it’s self doubt, negative thinking, anxiety, or an unwillingness to take balanced risks.


Alamo Bravery

A soldier patrols a dangerous sector known for booby-traps and insurgent activity. A fireman races into a burning high-rise. A policeman runs into a dark alley in pursuit of a gun-toting suspect. We all recognize courage when we see it.

There are icons of courage that bring shivers to our souls: images like the flag-raising at Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima or Ground Zero at the World Trade Center or places evoking reverence like the Alamo. And who exemplifies courage? Individuals like Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, John Glenn, Oskar Schindler, Lance Armstrong, and countless others. Most of us, however, are not involved in such life-or-death struggles. Our battles occur at work and home.
Building Courage for Salespeople

Provides proven, practical tools and techniques that will help your salespeople cultivate the courage to overcome fear and anxiety, conquer procrastination, get into action, and burn with more focus and purpose. It will give them the reflexes and attitudes needed to excel at sales.

When your salespeople have more courage, they’ll sell even more and better. This directly translates into an improved bottom line. Based on the Five Cornerstones of Courage discussed in Larry’s new leadership book, Ready, BEGIN! Practical Strategies for Cultivating Courage.

Guide: Larry Kryske

Time Frame: 1-3 hr formats

Venue: Sales meetings
Lion Courage
Learning Objectives
This program does not teach your salespeople how to make cold calls or sales presentations, how to overcome objections, how to ask powerful questions, how to build rapport, or how to leverage a value proposition. Rather it gives your people proven, practical tools to cultivate courage to overcome the fears associated with these critical sales activities mentioned above.
  1. Understand the relationship between courage and fear, especially in tough times.
  2. Understand the Five Cornerstones of Courage™.
  3. Understand the 7-17-27 Stairstep Approach™ to conquer procrastination.
  4. Understand the One Plus Technique™ for cultivating courage.
  5. Understand the Destroyermen’s Approach™ to decision making.
  6. Understand additional practical strategies and techniques to develop courage.
Outline of Content
  1. The nature of courage
  2. The Five Cornerstones of Courage
  3. Courage-building strategies
  4. Calculated risk-taking strategies
  5. Overcoming inertia and hesitation
  6. Conquering procrastination
  7. Harnessing clarity of purpose
  8. Excellence not perfectionism gets results                  
  9. How courage feeds on curiosity
  10. Stretching out of comfort zones
  11. Using power of perspective
  12. Benchmarking heroes and role models
  13. How to build boldness
  14. Being decisive
Larry Kryske
Teaching/Learning Strategies
  1. Presentation of content
  2. Audience interactions/exercises
  3. Facilitated discussions
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