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For Trade Associations

The fast-paced world of trade associations can be like a mine field littered with dangers and perils at every step. Membership may be down. Volunteers may be too pressed for time to participate fully. The yearly budget may be flat or falling. Non-dues revenue may be absent. Too many bills awaiting legislative decision may impact the industry negatively. Attendance at annual conferences may be declining. If some of this sounds like your association, maybe it needs an infusion of motivation to restore sagging morale!

Sharing leadership wisdom with associations
Harvey Zuckerberg, Executive Director, Michigan Home Health Association, said, “I’m sure you know that you were a huge success in Michigan. You exceeded my expectations. The results of the attendee evaluations were all excellent. We are so grateful for your significant contribution to the success of our annual conference.”
Painting a picture of hope and possibility

Painting Keynote
Cultivating Courage:
Why Vision Isn't Enough

If you're looking for an inspiring, informative, challenging, and entertaining alternative to the usual conference presentation, you’ve come to the right place! Larry’s unique visual presentation will keep your members attention riveted throughout the entire presentation. More important, they’ll walk away with tools they can use. Let Larry’s energy, enthusiasm, and creativity paint a picture of hope and possibility for your group. Learn more …

Theresa Lambert, Director of Professional Development, Georgia Association of Realtors, said, “Your opening keynote really set the tone for our 2003 annual meeting. You were just what we needed! You created such a positive buzz among our members. Our 650 attendees showed their enthusiastic approval with their standing ovation. Great job!”
For Boards
Leadership Retreats
Strategic Planning Retreats

Larry can facilitate those special retreats and meetings of your board. Using an approach described in detail in his leadership book, The Greatest Board in the World, Larry will guide your board through a process designed to help them work together better. Board productivity, teamwork, and innovation are so critical for the health of any association. Why leave it up to chance that the board will gel into an

unstoppable team? Larry’s proven approach has helped numerous boards achieve more than they imagined possible. Learn more …
Guiding leaders to be more effective
Ben Boerner, CAE, Executive Director, Texas Grain and Feed Association, said, “We brought in Larry Kryske to facilitate our Board’s two-day strategic planning retreat. He helped the Board members to discover their teamwork and innovative strengths as well as to develop strategies to capitalize on their individual and mutual strengths. He also helped them identify key issues facing the association and generate new ways of being more responsive to our members. Larry also suggested creative best practices for enhancing our association’s image, membership, marketing efforts, and mentoring opportunities. Both the Board and I thought our time was extremely well spent.”
One-on-one leadership coaching
Leadership Coaching

Larry can work with your Board President or President-Elect on a one-on-one basis. Give your senior members an opportunity to hone their leadership abilities as well as focus their attention on issues critical to the association. Serving as Board President for a year can be a demanding, draining, endurance contest. Your leaders deserve a double dose of energy, enthusiasm, and motivation before taking over the helm of your association.
Learn more …

Mike Conduff, President, Texas City Management Association, said, "I truly enjoyed your painting program with us that closed our annual conference. Your insights are impactful and thought provoking. Your presentation provided a great opportunity for our group. As someone who has done a fair amount of training and conference presenting, I have a good eye for talented folks. You clearly fit that category. A group of CEO's like ours can be a challenge. Your skills in that regard were clearly evident--you did a fabulous job!"
Conference Seminars and Workshops
CEUs and PDHs

Larry’s leadership seminars and workshops can qualify for continuing education units or professional development hours. Formats are flexible and run the entire spectrum from one hour to three days and can include the use of learning instruments and profiles if desired. These programs are designed to help your

members to tap into their strengths, creativity, and energies that are waiting to be activated. Learn more …
CEUs and PHDs can be earned
Renée Casillas, Executive Director, American Council of Engineering Companies of Alabama, said, “Your great message before our spring event helped us to really increase our registrations. Your programs ‘Creating YOUR Finest Hour’ and ‘Building an Unstoppable Team’ formed the centerpiece of our conference. Your topic was so appropriate for us and provided incredible value for both our members and their spouses. And our members earned professional development hours, too!”
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