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Board Development

Trade associations know that the key quality of a successful board is their leadership. Effective board leadership, however, is the result of purposeful actions and not something that occurs just because a group meets together and discusses what they would like to do during the following year. Effective leadership can help foster Board chemistry, cooperation, and commitment that are necessary to achieve extraordinary results.
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The Challenge

Board members:

  • Are volunteers.
  • Are busy with their professions and businesses.
  • Are pressed for time.
  • May have a short attention span with respect to association issues.
  • May lack experience in dealing with governmental decision makers.
  • Are often cautious when involved with other industry competitors.
  • May not share the same political, economic, or philosophical views.
  • May not know the strengths, weaknesses, backgrounds, experience of the other board members.
  • May have limited experience in serving on boards or dealing with association staffs.
  • May have limited people-skills with respect to leadership, effective communications, problem solving, goal setting, decision making, consensus building, innovation, time management, listening, etc.

A Solution

Help board members:

  • Discover their leadership strengths and then develop strategies to capitalize on those strengths.
  • Learn how to build rapport, trust, cooperation, openness, and understanding with other board members.
  • Learn how to tap into the strengths, talents, creativity, and energy of every member of the association and staff.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and clearly as well as how to influence others in a positive way.
  • Learn how to reduce misunderstandings, ease frustrations, and minimize conflicts with other board and association members.
  • Learn how to lead with integrity, accountability, authority, and responsibility.

The Process

  • Guide board members to discover, learn, apply, and master proven, practical leadership strategies involving teamwork, effective communications, problem solving, flexibility, trust/respect, and motivation.
  • Ensure that the new learning for board members is practical, timely, motivating, and fun.
  • Supplement, complement, and reinforce the strengths, knowledge, and experiences of board members.
  • The use of instrumented learning (Inscape Publishing profiles) will give each board member immediate and specific personal feedback concerning his or her unique leadership strengths and those areas where he or she can make personal and professional growth. This will enable them to become even more effective leaders who understand critical leadership, teamwork, and motivation strategies. To learn more about learning instruments and profiles

The Outcomes

  • Cultivate a higher degree of chemistry, cooperation, and commitment among the board members.
  • Enable the board to become victorious leaders who have vision, courage, and determination.
  • Enable the board to lead the association in achieving extraordinary results by becoming even more responsive to the needs and expectations of association members.
  • Motivate the board members to become highly respected ambassadors of the association and industry by sharing the good news about the industry with all association members, with governmental policy makers, and with the general public.
  • Empower the board to establish and uphold standards of excellence within the industry.
  • Motivate the board to create bold, new opportunities for the association and industry.

Two Critical Questions

Do your board and association have the imagination and will to become the winning organization worthy of the trust and respect that every association member places in it?

When will your board step out of its comfort zones and embark on a journey that will change the nature of your association and industry forever?

Stanley W. Polmateer, Board Chairman, New York State Association for Superintendents of School Buildings & Grounds, said, “Larry, your presentation was what we needed to hear. We need our people to lead, not follow. They need them to make decisions based on the best information available. You captured the critical elements of leadership in a clear and understandable way and motivated us to become more leadership oriented. I’m looking forward to your keynote to our association next year.”
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The Greatest Board…

John Buchan once observed, “The true task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, since the greatness is already there.” Your board already has all the innate talents necessary achieve success. Unlock these talents that may have been dormant for too long. Your board can become more than you ever imagined it becoming!

…in the World

Larry wrote the book on board development, The Greatest Board in the World. In it you will find a proven, practical process to transform a board into a winning team. There are hundreds of strategies and tactics designed to enhance board leadership and teamwork. The book is a quick read designed for the busy board member. Winston Churchill’s encouragement, “Come then, let us go forward together with our united strength!” equally applies to today’s board. To learn more about this book

Greatest Board in the World book cover
Todd Stallings, CHE, Executive Director, Indiana Association for Home & Hospice Care, said, “Thanks for giving us such a great presentation! Here are some of the comments we received: ‘My vision was refreshed big time! I am encouraged, entertained, inspired, and awed.’ ‘This was a timely and unique program; motivating and energetic.’ ‘Wisdom through entertainment, no small feat, excellent.’ ‘Best speaker, very motivating, meaningful and inspiring.’ These comments paint a very positive picture of your presentation.”
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