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Partial List of Clients (multiple programs indicated)

Alabama Soc. of Prof. Land Surveyors (7)
Arkansas Department of Health (2)
Arkansas Environmental Federation
Arkansas Press Association
Arkansas Public Health Association (2)
Arkansas Public Health Nurses Association (2)
Arkansas Society of CPA’s (2)
Amer. Council of Engineering Co.—AL (2)
Amer. Council of Engineering Co.—MS (2)
American Society of Safety Engineers (2)
Arkansas State Employees Association
ASI Federal Credit Union
Associated Builders and Contractors—AR
Associated Builders and Contractors—FL (2)
Ass’n of Donor Recruitment Professionals
Association of Energy Service Companies
CTIS, Inc.
California Dietetic Association
California Land Surveyors Association (2)
Chevron Federal Credit Union (2)
Churchill Center
Clark County Emergency Planning Cmte (2)
Connecticut Community Bankers Ass’n
CUE, Inc. (2)
Delchamps Credit Union
Duke University
Brown Watt Buchanan PA (2)
Butcher Distributors (Trane, Inc.) (2)
Eagle Crest, Inc
Empire State Society of Ass'n Execs
Employers Association of Florida
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Florida Dietetic Association (2)
Florida Surveying & Mapping Society
Forum North Health & Safety--Canada
Georgia Association of Realtors (2)
Harvard Club

HomeCare Association of Louisiana (3)
Home Health Assembly of New Jersey (3)
Indiana Ass’n for Home & Hospice Care (3)
Ingalls Employees Credit Union
Institute of Marine Studies (2)
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
International Churchill Society (5)
Jackson County Chamber of Commerce (3)
Jackson & George County Regional Library
Kentucky Home Health Association (2)
Louisiana Society of Ass’n Executives (2)
Louisiana Society of CPA's

Louisiana Healthcare Group (4)
Merchant and Marine Bank (9)
Michigan Home Health Association (2)
Mississippi Association of Broadcasters
Mississippi Concrete Industries Association (2)
Mississippi Credit Union System (2)
Mississippi Public Health Association
Mississippi Society of Family Physicians
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce (3)
Multiple Listing Service Association
Nat’l Ass’n of Housing & Redevelop Officials (3)
Nevada Association of School Boards (3)
Nevada Hospital Association
New York Community Health Center (3)
NY Ass'n for Sups of School Bldgs/Grds
NY State County Hwy Sups Ass'n (2)
NY State Ass’n of Health Care Providers (3)
North Carolina Association of Pharmacists (3)
North Carolina Petroleum Marketers Ass’n
NorthMarq Capital
Pennsylvania Dietetic Association
PFG Precision Optics (4)
Philander Smith College
Private Providers Ass'n of Texas (2)

Riggs Tractor (Caterpillar, Inc.)
Rolls-Royce Naval Marine (13)
Scott Credit Union (3)
Singing River FCU (2)
South Carolina Dietetic Ass'n
South Carolina Food Service Sups Ass'n
South Carolina Healthcare Managers Ass’n (3)
South Carolina School Nutrition Ass'n
Southern States Correctional Association
Texas City Managers Association
Texas Association for Home Care (3)
Texas Association of Mayors & Councilmen
Texas Grain and Feed Association (3)
Texas Indep Automobile Dealers Ass'n

Travel Affiliates (2)
Union Planters Bank
United Way
University of Southern Mississippi
U.S. Coast Guard (2)
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Navy (4)
Wisconsin Dietetic Association (2)

WI Homecare Organization

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