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When you’ve leveraged all your business processes, eliminated as many echelons of people as possible, and squeezed the most out of the least, what else remains to optimize your bottom line? People. The most valuable part of your business is your people. There are leaders in every facet of your organization. There are also innovators.

Yet, are you really tapping into the strengths, creativity, and energy of every person in your organization? Consider this barometer of attitude. Japanese workers typically offer 200-300 suggestions each year to improve business processes. The typical American worker puts half a suggestion (i.e. two workers contribute one suggestion per year) each year. What would it mean to your business if your workers emulated the Japanese worker ethic involving suggestions? Would that enhance your bottom line?
Colin Holland, Regional Vice President, NEXTEL, said, “Your two leadership programs captured my philosophy perfectly. In fact, you expounded on two quotations that I shared with my team earlier in the day. We need to be reminded on a frequent basis of those critical messages.”
Sales Meetings

Motivating your sales force is an ongoing activity. A steady diet of the “same old, same old,” rah-rah motivational program actually creates a cynical sales force. Sales people today are thoughtful individuals who have an internal compass bent toward achievement. A complete program that feeds their minds, emotions, and spirit will give them an most needed inoculation of inspiration.
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Taking participant questions
Betty Woods, Publisher, Grand Prairie Herald, said, “Larry is a true motivator who produces memorable results while entertaining the audience with his painting ability. I was impressed, and so was the audience.”
Sharing leadership experiences
Leadership Development

Leadership development is a life-long pursuit. Those who believe “they have arrived” will experience the harsh realities of the global marketplace. In the U.S. Navy, ongoing training from the lowest recruit to the most senior admiral reflects an attitude of continuous improvement. My former skipper, now the Chief of Naval Operations, began his latest tour with a promise to, “Listen, learn, lead.” Leaders or potential leaders in all levels of your organization will benefit from refining their knowledge, understanding, and application of leadership. Learn more …

Vance Strange, Vice President for Corporate Development, Riggs Tractor Company (Caterpillar) said, “Thanks to your leadership presentation, the Associated Builders & Contractors Convention was a great success. Your use of the leadership profile was especially beneficial since it expanded our menu of leadership approaches we can use to get the job done. Thank you again for another dynamic, content-filled, and entertaining seminar.”
Corporate Leadership Continuum

Building an unstoppable team as well as developing effective leaders is like growing an apple tree. You cannot put

a seed in the ground, water and fertilize it regularly, and wish it to mature rapidly and bear fruit. Acknowledging this reality, a corporate leadership continuum has been designed to help your leaders learn, internalize, and master the key elements of leadership. A six-month and one-year continuum will give your leaders and future leaders the tools to enhance their leadership effectiveness. Learn more …
Royce Cumbest, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, Merchants & Marine Bank, said, “Everyone really enjoyed your seminar series. This program will be the cornerstone of our future success and helped reinforce our core values. We started seeing immediate results.”
Customer Appreciation Program

Are you looking for a unique way to honor and thank your customers for their loyalty to you? Larry’s customer appreciation program can help you to hit the target. A one- to two-hour program using his painting keynote, Cultivating Courage: Why Vision Isn't Enough , will wow your customers and build a stronger bond between you. Learn more ...

Delighting customers’ customers
Paula Reichel, RN, BSN, BC, CEO, Community Health Center of St. Mary’s Hospital and Nathan Littauer Hospital, said, “Your painting has a special place in our board room for a while to keep the message alive. It will then be moving to the clinical department. Daily I have received cards and letters thanking us for sponsoring such a great event!”
Recognition is a vital part of coaching
Corporate Leadership Coaching

Larry can work with new managers or with proven ones to help them enhance their leadership effectiveness. He uses learning instruments to give each participant immediate and specific feedback based on who they say they are, not based on the perceptions and opinions of others. An array of strategies and demonstrated approaches will help each leader develop a menu of options to use during critical situations.
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Jeff Bowman, Safety Services, ALLTEL Communicaions, said, “Your motivational program challenged me to plan ahead, look at the big picture, and never give up.”

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