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Painting becomes a metaphor for life
Larry Kryske
A Speaker Who Paints

Painting Keynote
Creating YOUR Finest Hour

You’ve never seen a keynote like this! During the 55-minute presentation, Creating YOUR Finest Hour, Larry will complete a 24- by 36-inch oil painting to help illustrate a compelling motivational message. The heroic words, painting, and multi-media will reveal a proven, practical strategy for organizational or personal success.

Unlike many other keynotes where the audience’s attention wanders, the painting keynote keeps the audience’s attention throughout the entire presentation. People have a natural curiosity about watching an oil painting develop, especially if there are some visual surprises. Creating YOUR Finest Hour is a memorable alternative to the ordinary convention or conference presentation. Let Larry’s commanding performance, as well as his energy, enthusiasm, and creativity, captivate your audience!
Creativity, energy, and enthusiasm
Christine Foran, Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals, said, “Your painting keynote was a nice blend of practical ideas, humor, and inspiration. You were the strongest conference finish we have ever had in our twenty-five years. We were also delighted to learn that we can keep the completed painting.”
Painting a picture of hope and possibility
You’re just a step away from your finest hour
Never give in!
Keeping the audience’s attention
Distant mountains are a lot like ones goals
Change your perspective and change your life
Randy Robison, Executive Director, Nevada Association of School Boards, said, “Your insightful and inspirational presentations kept all of us attentive to your message long after other speakers would have been tuned out. You skillfully combined concrete, useful experience with understandable and relevant application. You gave us tools we can use.”
During tough times, people need
Vision, Courage, and Determination!
Presentation Content

Creating YOUR Finest Hour reveals what really matters most about leadership and achieving extraordinary results. Larry skillfully blends a live oil painting, multimedia (music, photos, and word slides), and heroic words to motivate and encourage your audience. He shares proven, practical strategies people can use at work or home. Larry paints a compelling picture of hope and possibility that connects with every audience. In addition, the painting helps people retain the truths about leadership, motivation, and success. Larry also addresses thought-provoking issues in an entertaining and inspiring way. Creating YOUR Finest Hour is a visual synopsis of Larry’s leadership book, The Churchill Factors: Creating Your Finest Hour, and will give your audience:

  • A perfect model for leadership that inspires, motivates, and encourages.
  • A practical goal-setting system that succeeds where others have failed.
  • A powerful message that’s easily remembered, applied, and yields results.
  • A positive way of dealing with defeats, doubts, and despair.
  • A proven method for achieving heroic results and building relentless resolve.
  • A provocative belief that we are limited only by our imagination and our will.
  • A panoramic picture of hope that a richer, fuller, more successful future is possible.
Leadership aspects covered:


  • The power of choice.
  • The strength of simplicity.
  • The contrast principle.
  • From mistakes to wisdom.
  • Perfection paralysis.
  • The perspective rule.

Goal Setting & Vision

  • Guaranteed goals.
  • Harnessing imagination.
  • Details determine destiny.
  • Creating an extraordinary future.


  • Overcoming hesitation and inertia.
  • Escaping from one’s past.
  • Stepping out of comfort zones.
  • Becoming action oriented.

Overcoming Obstacles

  • Cultivating courage.
  • Conquering procrastination.
  • Perseverance as a pastime.
  • Dealing with breakdowns.
  • Managing criticism.
  • Transforming adversity into advantage.


  • Painting a positive attitude.
  • Mountaintop realities.
  • Becoming resilient.
  • Enthusiasm, the missing ingredient.
Dave Lentini, Connecticut Community Bankers, Pres & CEO of Connecticut Bank & Trust, said, "Your unique presentation was very well received. Your painting really brings together the tie between Winston Churchill having to overcome adversity and what we can do if we really put our minds to it. I needed a great show and a great draw--you provided both."
Program based on original research on leadership
Larry’s original research in the field of leadership and motivation can help your audience through these troubling times of rapid change. Creating YOUR Finest Hour is a unique visual presentation designed to help people retain the truths about leadership, goal setting, and success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you paint the same picture each time?
No two paintings are exactly alike. The colors and layout vary slightly from painting to painting. The basic composition of the painting, however, does not change. The compositions and colors that were chosen best illustrate the main points of the presentation.

2. Can we keep the painting?
Larry donates the completed painting to the client. Some groups use the painting to raise money for a scholarship or PAC. Others give the painting to an outgoing VIP. Still others put the painting in a meeting room or training space.

3. Is the painting large enough for the audience to see?
The painting is 24 inches by 36 inches and illustrates a positive, motivational message for the audience. Audiences up to about 700 seated auditorium style can see the painting unaided. For larger audiences seated classroom or banquet style, either a jumbotron large screen or a video projection on a large screen allows the audience to see all the action. Most modern hotels, conference centers, or meeting locations have this audio-visual capability. Larry can work out all the A/V details with the meeting space personnel and can spare you the need to get involved in these technical particulars.

4. How long is the presentation?
You should allot one full hour for this presentation. Since the painting must be completed in order to finish the presentation, the keynote cannot be compressed into a shorter time slot. Larry also needs 35-40 minutes in order to set up his equipment (powerpoint, lay out paints, test mic, etc.), sometime prior to the presentation.

5. For what audiences is the keynote most suitable?
Larry has given Creating YOUR Finest Hour to hundreds of audiences in over fifty different industries. People of all ages (including spouses) will see as well as hear proven, practical ways to reawaken their talents, creativity, and energies in this stirring and inspiring experience.

Susan Gargano, MS, RD, President, Pennsylvania Dietetic Ass’n, said, “As the keynote speaker at our annual conference, you provided a positive message on personal achievement and valuable leadership insights that will benefit our members, our profession, and our association. Your presentation ‘painted’ the right picture for our future. I have received many comments from members that this opening meeting was upbeat, uplifting, and fun!”
Leadership, too, is an art
Keynote Companion Volume
The Churchill Factors: Creating Your Finest Hour

Creating Your Finest Hour

232 pages, 6" by 9" trade paperback, $20


The Churchill Factors: Creating Your Finest Hour brings new insights about leadership, especially leadership that has been road-tested and proven under the most demanding challenges. This readable book can best be called "applied Churchill" and covers what really matters most about leadership. The book is written from the DISC point of view.

Boards that have been exposed to the DISC technology will learn how to apply the Churchill Factors to every facet of association business. The “Reporter’s Approach,” described in detail, gives a powerful methodology for strategic planning and goal setting that succeeds where other systems have failed.

Most people look at a towering leader like Winston Churchill and see a life full of extraordinary achievements. Few, however, realize that his road to greatness was neither straight nor smooth. He had to wage a constant battle with setbacks, trials, defeats, and even depression. Churchill's ability to bounce back from difficulties and problems can be traced to a simple formula for success that he practiced his entire life.

Using the Churchill Factors—Churchill's best practices involving leadership—readers will learn how they can achieve heroic results, harness relentless resolve, and turn adversity into advantage.

In The Churchill Factors: Creating Your Finest Hour readers will also learn proven strategies for: communicating more effectively, achieving powerful goals, sustaining encouragement in times of trial, building self-esteem, using simplicity and risk to their advantage, the power of perspective, dealing with mountaintop and valley experiences, exceeding one's potential, and experiencing a richer, fuller, more productive life.

Quantity Discounts

Autographed copies of The Churchill Factors: Creating Your Finest Hour may be obtained by contacting the author. Special quantity discounts are available for your audience to take home the technology to create their finest hour.

Fred Eckel, Executive Director, North Carolina Association of Pharmacists, said, “Creating Your Finest Hour captured our attention, gave practical advice, and started our meeting with excitement. Painting a picture during the presentation allowed the audience to engage more completely with your presentation. I keep the completed painting in my office a reminder that I can still create my finest hour.”
Sharing critical leadership insights and truths
Complimentary Breakout Session
How to Move from Hope to Victory

Larry offers a complimentary session with each booked painting keynote. How to Move from Hope to Victory amplifies the insights and distinctions discussed in Creating YOUR Finest Hour. The one- to two-hour session helps to ensure your audience will be able to internalize and implement the technology presented in the painting keynote and will give each attendee practical strategies for enhancing personal and professional excellence. The content for this session includes:


Model for Knowledge

  • Limitations of personal awareness.
  • Discovering the domain of extraordinary futures, innovation, breakthrough possibilities.
  • Tapping into the breakthrough domain.

Communications Excellence

  • Communications modes.
  • Communications education and training.
  • Two guiding principles for effective listening.


  • Key characteristic of successful people.
  • Values of the world.
  • Barometers of worldly success.
  • Investing one’s humanity.
  • Barometers of investing one’s humanity.
  • Distinctions involving perceptions and reality.

Elements of Leadership Success

  • Relationships and trust.
  • Determining needs and expectations.
  • Creating win-win opportunities.
  • Distinctions involving truth.
  • Discerning the quality of information in a world of over-abundant information.
  • Two powerful questions.

Challenges Serving Customers

  • Creating mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Embracing a new mindset.
  • Understanding needs for nested generations of customers.

Three Barriers to Leadership Success

  • Overcoming the barriers to success.
  • The Churchill Factors.
  • Key distinctions involving vision, courage, and determination.


  • Why goal setting fails and how to avoid those pitfalls.
  • Reporter’s ApproachTM.
  • Why dreamers of the day are dangerous people.


  • Courage---the synergy of four key elements.
  • Self-talk: self-defeating versus goal achieving.
  • Developing courage.
  • Stepping outside comfort zones.
  • Embracing change.
  • Battle plan realities.


  • Consistency of action.
  • Conquering procrastination.
  • Anti-procrastination principles.
  • Taking control.

Leadership Bridge to Extraordinary Futures

  • Collective package versus menu shopping.
  • Legacy of leadership.
  • Motivating adults—10 key approaches.
  • True task of leadership.
  • Can-Do principles.
  • Four key elements of adding value.

Life Balance

  • Fundamental principles for achieving life balance.
  • Seven elements to avoid.
  • Benchmarking the Olympics.
  • Real life realities.
David Sampson, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development, said, "Your presentation was truly unique and inspirational. Watching your painting emerge from the canvas was fascinating and had those who attended talking about the meeting for weeks. Thanks for bringing to us something that goes beyond the ordinary 'nuts and bolts' of operating a business."

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