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Applied Churchill
Victorious Leadership

The Churchill Factors: Creating Your Finest Hour brings new insights about leadership, especially leadership that has been road-tested and proven under the most demanding chal-lenges. This readable book can best be called “applied Churchill” and covers what really matters most about leadership.

Most people look at a towering leader like Winston Churchill and see a life full of extraordinary achievements. Few realize that he had to wage a constant battle with defeats, doubts, despair, and depression. Using the Churchill Factors—Churchill’s best practices involving leadership—readers will learn how they can:

  • achieve heroic results
  • harness relentless resolve
  • turn adversity into advantage

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Richard Langworth, CBE, Chairman, Board of Trustees, the Churchill Center, said, “The Churchill Factors is an important tool for current and future leaders wanting to apply the wisdom of the greatest leader of the Twentieth Century.”
Extraordinary leaders—extraordinary results
Servant Leadership

Can one person make a difference in an organization? What can a team of committed individuals achieve? This is a story about a bottom-line, decisive, and controlling individual whose life was changed forever when he discovered the secret of leadership success. It is also a story of the power of teamwork to overcome mighty challenges. The journey from individualism to leadership-inspired teamwork reveals for us certain truths about what it is to be human and how humans can step outside their own confined existence into a boundless world of possibility. Learn more …

Ben Boerner, CAE, President, Texas Grain & Feed Association, said, “In The Greatest Board Larry Kryske hits the nail on the head on board development! Before we can function as an effective board and determine our direction, we must understand ourselves and each other as individuals. Then we can make a difference for our members.”
Being productive under pressure
Stress Management
For Leaders

This six-hour correspondence course is designed to provide practical tools to enable each leader to be more productive under pressure as well as how to achieve greater life balance, satisfaction, and productivity in their work and personal lives during demanding times. The strategies for eliminating stressors in these life areas focus on coping skills rather than just the traditional "get more exercise, eat right, get more sleep, deep breathing, laugh, and positive affirmations" approaches. Genuine stress relief is based on developing proven coping skills. Since stress robs the productivity of individuals and businesses, reducing the negative impact of stress will significantly improve both workplace productivity and quality of life. Learn more …

Stephanie Petrosky, RD, LDN, REH, President, Florida Dietetic Association, Director, Outpatient Clinical Services, Plantation General Hospital, said, “I was very impressed with your unique and ever-changing perspective. I am still using many of your thoughts in my everyday life. We are greatly appreciative of your time and talent which aided FDA in setting new records. We received glowing remarks from our participants. Hope we can find a way to use your services again in the future. It's good to break out of the "dietitian" mold on occasion.”
Making time work for you
Time Management
For Leaders

This six-hour correspondence course is designed to give each leader practical tools to manage his or her time better. The secret to success in today’s hyperfast-paced world is mastery of effective time management skills. Research shows, for example, that if an office or work site could reduce just five minutes of wasted time per hour, productivity would jump 8.3 percent! Thus, a leader could accomplish more work and serve more customers without adding more staff, equipment, or office space. More effective time management will enable a leader to use his or her time better and remain more focused on the projects currently being handled. Time mastery will put more time in one’s life and more life into one’s time.
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Mary Lynn Thibodeaux, Training Manager, National Association of Housing Redevelopment Officials, said, “Larry, great job! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your two programs. We talked about your three-step strategy during the remainder of the three-day conference. You had everyone talking about vision, courage, and determination.”
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