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Certified seminar leader and trainer
Larry Kryske

Training is an investment, not an expense that detracts from the bottom line. In America, businesses typically spend 1.5-2.0% of their gross payroll on training to improve employee skills. In Europe and Japan, they spend three times this much! Increased training drives down the cost of production because there are fewer errors, less waste, more innovation, and better attitudes and morale among the workers.

Peter Lapp, Vice President & General Manager, Rolls-Royce Naval Marine, said, “My managers, supervisors, leadmen, and production workers have all been very enthusiastic about your leadership, teamwork, and productivity programs that were dynamic, timely, content-filled, and entertaining. You helped my people to see things from a new perspective that makes them even more valuable to Rolls-Royce.”
Is your organization investing in your organization’s future???

Training enables your employees to remain productive despite changes in technology, in people, in the economy, and in government regulations. In addition, higher productivity is also a hedge against changes due to industry competition and to client’s needs. Motorola reported, for example, that every dollar invested in training delivered $30 in productivity gains!

The Stanford Research Institute reported that business success depends on 13% product knowledge and 87% on people-skill knowledge.

So What’s Our Approach?

  1. We help the individuals on your team discover their people strengths.
  2. Then we help them to develop strategies to use these strengths.
  3. And finally, we ensure the learning is reinforced to help your people internalize and master the new learning.
  4. In all facets of the training the learning is practical, timely, inspiring, and fun!
Customized, experiential, and interactive programs
Each of our experiential, customized, interactive seminars gives your participants immediate and specific feedback, proven techniques, and strategies for enhancing both individual and team effectiveness. We accomplish this by employing instrumented learning via profiles developed by Inscape Publishing, who invented the instrumented learning industry. Our programs are thus designed to complement or supplement your existing training.

We have a variety of formats to meet your unique needs, ranging from one-hour overviews to multi-day programs. Unlike other programs that result in the “sunburn effect” (in which the training fades out shortly after the event), our sessions produce memorable and lasting results.

Tom Roland, Vice President/General Manager, Butcher Distributors—Trane, said, “Your keynote and two-hour training session were the perfect way to kick off our annual Business Retreat. Your programs gave us an open, energized atmosphere to discuss the challenges and opportunities of our business.”
Leadership Seminars
(Experiential, Customized, Interactive)
Leadership in the 21st Century: Extraordinary Leaders—Extraordinary Results
Leadership is a dynamic relationship between leaders and followers who are joined by common goals. Furthermore, leaders and followers, like matter and energy, are really two forms of the same thing. This leadership program is designed to create a new awareness about leadership and active followership. Using Inscape Publishing’s Dimensions of Leadership Profile, participants will discover 11 proven ways to motivate adults, 12 dynamic leadership responses, why people follow, who will follow, when to lead, what to watch out for when taking the lead, and more. Participants will also learn how to transform a management team into a leadership team. In addition, they will learn how to create an environment in which your people can lead boldly and victoriously.
Stress Management for Leaders: How to be Productive under Pressure
According to recent reports, 46% of employees report high levels of work-related stress, and 32% say high stress levels reduce productivity. Stress also negatively impacts profitability, harmonious working conditions, team flexibility, creativity, and performance. While many stress programs deal with work-related stress or family stress as single issues, our program is different. Using Inscape Publishing’s Coping & Stress Profile, we focus on the synergy of stress, coping resources, and satisfaction in all four areas of life: personal, work, couple, and family. The strategies for eliminating these life-area stressors are based on proven coping resources rather than the traditional “get more exercise, eat right, get more sleep, deep breathing, positive affirmations, and laugh more” approaches. This critical leadership and teamwork program is designed to help your people increase their productivity under pressure.
Time Mastery for Leaders: Making Time Work for You
Time is the greatest common denominator for each of us. We are all blessed with 24 hours each day. Billy Graham, Bill Gates, and Bill Cosby have the same amount of time allotted for each day that we do. How well we use it will determine how much we can achieve. In the game of life there are no timeouts, and the clock always keeps running! Remember Michael Landon’s prophetic warning, “Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. There are only so many tomorrows.” This leadership program uses Inscape Publishing’s Time Mastery Profile and helps each participant discover his or her time management strengths and growth opportunities in 12 different dimensions of time. They will also learn strategies to conquer procrastination, to make meetings more productive, to control paperwork as well as a guaranteed goal-setting technology, and more.
Critical Communications for Leaders: Building an Unstoppable Team
Personality conflicts, misunderstandings, difficult people, negative attitudes, etc, deprive your organization of harmony, cooperation, innovation, productivity, and profitability. These problems cost your organization more than just dollars and cents. They create stress, steal your peace of mind, and negatively impact your customers. This critical leadership and teamwork program uses an array of Inscape Publishing tools including the Personal Profile System, People Reading Card, and Customer Service Action Planner. Participants learn how to foster trust, cooperation, and understanding in a time of broadening diversity. They will also learn how to tap into the strengths, talents, creativity, and energies of every employee. In addition, participants will learn how to develop communications strategies to accommodate the different styles in your organization, how to influence others in a positive way, how to reduce misunderstandings, ease frustrations, and minimize conflict with others. Variants of this program address customer service, sales, fund raising, coaching, mentoring, and management.
Innovation for Leaders: Thriving in a World of Change
Change is a fact of today’s business life. The way an individual or a team embraces change will determine whether they become a victim of change or a victor. This leadership program gives teams a powerful tool in optimizing their innovative strengths to achieve performance goals. Using the Inscape Publishing Team Dimensions Profile, they discover that innovation comes in five different flavors, and each person has specific preferences of how he or she prefers to innovate. Synergizing the innovative talents of the team will streamline the creative process and will result in enhanced teamwork, problem solving, and productivity.
Developing victorious leaders
Ann Galloway, Executive Director, Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors, said, “Our members really look forward to attending your professional development programs. Your seven previous programs received our highest scores on our members’ program evaluations!”


We realize that your specific and unique needs are different. No two organizations, even in the same field or industry, are exactly alike. We customize our programs by combining modules from any of our leadership programs to address your needs. The use of learning instruments allows your participants to tap into experiential learning. Each individual gains specific and immediate feedback, knowledge, and strategies for enhancing individual and team performance. Finally, our programs are interactive. Rather than having a sage on the stage, you will have a guide on the side who will facilitate a dialogue among your participants to help them discover the truths about leadership, teamwork, motivation, productivity, and achievement.

Judy Adams, Executive Director, American Council of Engineering Companies--Mississippi, said, "Your painting keynote, 'Creating YOUR Finest Hour,' was spellbinding! This was the first presentation that inspired my members to turn off their cell phones. One of the spouses who attended (a CPA) sent me a note saying, 'I particularly enjoyed Larry Kryske's motivational program. He is a truly gifted speaker, and his material was so beneficial and inspirational both from a professional and personal perspective.' "
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