Applying His Leadership Strategies for Success

Larry Kryske
Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Leadership Expert
Churchill Authority


Applying His Leadership Strategies for Success

Larry Kryske
Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Leadership Expert
Churchill Authority

Leadership Seminars

Training is an investment, not an expense that detracts from the bottom line. In America, businesses typically spend 1.5-2.0% of their gross payroll on training to improve employee skills. In Europe and Japan, they spend three times this much! Increased training drives down the cost of production because there are fewer errors, less waste, more innovation, and better attitudes and morale among the workers.

Is your organization investing in your organization’s future???

Training enables your employees to remain productive despite changes in technology, in people, in the economy, and in government regulations. In addition, higher productivity is also a hedge against changes due to industry competition and to client’s needs. Motorola reported, for example, that every dollar invested in training delivered $30 in productivity gains! The Stanford Research Institute reported that business success depends on 13% product knowledge and 87% on people-skill knowledge.

So What’s Our Approach?

  1. We help the individuals on your team discover their people strengths.
  2. Then we help them to develop strategies to use these strengths.
  3. And finally, we ensure the learning is reinforced to help your people internalize and master the new learning.
  4. In all facets of the training the learning is practical, timely, inspiring, and fun!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We realize that your specific and unique needs are different. No two organizations, even in the same field or industry, are exactly alike. All seminars are custom designed for the client. Consultation with the client will determine what the content will be. Two formats are available for the seminars: half day (3 hours) or full day (six hours). Unlike other programs that result in the “sunburn effect” (in which the training fades out shortly after the event), our sessions produce memorable and lasting results.

Rather than having a sage on the stage, you will have a guide on the side who will facilitate a dialogue among your participants to help them discover the truths about leadership, teamwork, motivation, courage, and achievement.

These are not canned seminars, topics for each of the three seminars can include some of the following elements.

Seminar 1–VISION: Creating Your Finest Hour

  • How to create a bold vision.
  • How to develop discernment.
  • How to build enthusiasm and optimism.
  • How to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • How to give an effective oral presentation.
  • How to be more creative.
  • How to encourage innovation.

Seminar 2–COURAGE: How to Have Bulldog Courage in a Dog-Eat-Dog World

  • How to develop clarity of purpose.
  • How to overcome fear and anxiety.
  • How to incorporate courage-building strategies.
  • How to apply balanced risk-taking strategies.
  • How to conquer procrastination.
  • How to make change a challenge not a curse.
  • How to develop boldness.
  • How to become more decisive.
  • How to become a more courageous leader.

Seminar 3–DETERMINATION: Never Give In

  • How to harness the power of motivation.
  • How to build self-confidence.
  • How to become more tenacious.
  • How to become more disciplined.
  • How to be more industrious: time mastery.
  • How to be more resilient.
  • How to become more flexible.
  • How to be productive under pressure: stress management
  • How to develop better life balance: self-renewal.

Ann Galloway, Executive Director, Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors, said, “Our members really look forward to attending your professional development programs. Your seven previous programs received our highest scores on our members’ program evaluations!”

Judy Adams, Executive Director, American Council of Engineering Companies–Mississippi, said, “Your painting keynote, ‘Creating YOUR Finest Hour,’ was spellbinding! This was the first presentation that inspired my members to turn off their cell phones. One of the spouses who attended (a CPA) sent me a note saying, ‘I particularly enjoyed Larry Kryske’s motivational program. He is a truly gifted speaker, and his material was so beneficial and inspirational both from a professional and personal perspective.’ “

Colin Holland, Regional Vice President, NEXTEL, said, “Your two leadership programs captured my philosophy perfectly. In fact, you expounded on two quotations that I shared with my team earlier in the day. We need to be reminded on a frequent basis of those critical messages.”

Vance Strange, Vice President for Corporate Development, Riggs Tractor Company (Caterpillar) said, “Thanks to your leadership presentation, the Associated Builders & Contractors Convention was a great success. Your use of the leadership profile was especially beneficial since it expanded our menu of leadership approaches we can use to get the job done. Thank you again for another dynamic, content-filled, and entertaining seminar.”

Stephanie Petrosky, RD, LDN, REH, President, Florida Dietetic Association, Director, Outpatient Clinical Services, Plantation General Hospital, said, “I was very impressed with your unique and ever-changing perspective. I am still using many of your thoughts in my everyday life. We are greatly appreciative of your time and talent which aided FDA in setting new records. We received glowing remarks from our participants. Hope we can find a way to use your services again in the future. It’s good to break out of the “dietitian” mold on occasion.”