Benchmarking the leadership best practices of former leaders will only be successful if the wisdom of the past can be made relevant today. The leadership secrets of Abraham Lincoln (Donald Phillips), George Washington (Richard Brookhiser), or Genghis Khan (John Man) all captured leadership principles and practices that are still applicable.

H. W. Brands in his 2016 history, The General vs. the President: MacArthur and Truman at the Brink of Nuclear War, believed Winston Churchill was “a connoisseur of courage.” Actually, Churchill was a connoisseur of vision, courage, and determination. He had substantial life experiences in all three domains.

Business men and women can indeed learn valuable leadership lessons from Winston Churchill. CHURCHILL Without Blood, Sweat or Tears is designed to provide a simple, fast, complete, and understandable roadmap for contemporary leaders. To do this it was time to move Churchill out of history books and into the boardroom and classroom. This entailed separating Churchill’s leadership from his story (his early life, his wilderness years, his finest hour, etc.).

CHURCHILL Without Blood, Sweat, or Tears is my third book on applying Churchill’s leadership excellence. Practical, timely insights about Churchill’s leadership strategies will enable the reader to use them without delay. These best practices helped Churchill lead his nation to victory. Likewise, they can guide present-day business men and women to success.

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Mitch Cramer in an Amazon book review on 8 December 2017 said, “Great book, great author!”