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As a meeting planner, you have the responsibility for getting the best talent for your client. By choosing the right speaker, you can have a profound impact on the lives of the people who will be attending as well as on the future of their organization. You can be the hero by bringing an important message to them. Thus, your decision may change lives and organizations forever.

Take the speaker challenge. Can you think of a great speaker you have heard recently? Can you remember the key points that speaker made? All too often, a speaker is chosen like a dessert. There's a brief, sweet taste, but the effect wears off by the next day. Your clients, however, will truly benefit from a more nourishing meal that will help them grow.

Carol Kientz, RN, MS, Executive Director, Home Health Assembly of New Jersey, said, “This has been the most incredible day! I loved your presentation. You rose to our challenge and dazzled our members. One of our vendors who has always been critical about all of our presentations said, ‘This was a great program!’ One lady wrote in her program evaluation, ‘I was truly blessed and encouraged by Larry Kryske to continue pursuing my goals.’”
Larry’s leadership programs are designed to be a complete, nutritious meal that contains a message that can be remembered long after the presentation. The use of a painting helps lock in the key points and enables the attendees to remember, apply, and benefit from the message. Please don't shortchange your clients! Help them make a wise investment in their organization's future. Help them become more than they ever imagined they could become!

Sharing the platform with Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient Admiral James Stockdale


Genuine Leaders versus Instant Experts

There are many instant experts in the speaking world. Many have talked about leadership, teamwork, and productivity in their presentations yet lack the practical experience gained from actually leading men and women and building unstoppable teams. Reading numerous books on a subject doesn't make a person an expert nor does it confer mastery of that subject. Doesn't your client deserve the best-qualified speakers and trainers available?

Leadership is not learned from a book. Rather, a person must learn it in the most demanding venue, that is, on the battlefield of life. There is no substitution for actual leadership experience. When you have a medical problem, you go to a doctor. When you have an automobile problem, you go to a mechanic. To whom should you turn when you want to learn about leadership or teamwork? Look for someone who has fought in the trenches, is battle-scarred, and has both won and lost battles. Thus, please closely consider the background of your speakers so you can choose those who can serve your clients best.

Finally, as a meeting planner, you are responsible for ensuring the quality of the information that is being presented. To present the best, look to the lives of individuals who have made enduring, significant contributions to society. Examples of individuals who have led truly extraordinary lives despite trials and tribulations will be valuable for your clients. Why not choose the best?

Charlie Plumb, Captain, USNR (Ret.), former Vietnam War POW, said, "It was an honor and pleasure just to be in your audience. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your painting and your use of multimedia technology were extremely effective."

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